Restaurant Partners:

Catering some of the best Mexican food in Chattanooga! 

Moe’s Original BBQ is a Southern soul food revival. They serve great food in an atmosphere that is relaxed, spontaneous, yet civilized….well, sometimes. 

They have a very high standard of what coffee they source—the highest quality beans bought through the best specialty coffee importers, grown at the most responsible farms on the planet.

At Tennessee Solar Solutions, they will walk you through the complete process of becoming energy independent. When they say “from conception to completion,” you can be rest assured that they mean it.

This is Tennessee Solar Solution's 10 year anniversary! To celebrate, they are donating a $20,000 solar energy system that we will be giving away at the Rooftop Hop! Make sure to add a solar raffle ticket to your Rooftop Hop ticket!!

The Block - Carta Garage

The Theme: Smart & Efficient

The Venue: One of the largest Rooftops, The Block - CARTA Garage will be a must stop on your hop around town. Overlooking downtown, you can see 7 projects green|spaces has supported including BlueCross BlueShield, 3 solar arrays, and 4 LEED Buildings! At this stop, you'll see how energy efficiency & solar can help you reduce your bills while supporting the environment!

Also, make sure to stop by before the giveaway hour to sign up to win more items! Each hour, we will feature a cool item (think kayaks ect) for you to register to win!

Hosts: Tennessee Solar Solutions

Restaurant Partners: Moe's Original BBQ, Ovalle's, Leet Towery

Band: DJ Flux 308

Time: 6:00pm - 11:00pm

Address: 215 Broad Street

Known for his sculpture work, Isaac Duncan turns into DJ Flux 308 every now and then! Be ready to dance and party with him at the CARTA garage!